Overview. No engagement at The Occupreneur® Coach is typical, and we pride ourselves on our customized approach to coaching. We offer a range of services, working with organizational leadership and individuals alike, helping them with everything from enterprise morale management to reaching personal job goals.

Individuals can expect personalized and intense coaching, customized to their business needs and designed to accommodate executive schedules.

For enterprises that want to provide strategic support for their executives and managers, we offer consulting, coaching and workshop facilitation. We help these organizations increase morale and employee engagement across the company or within a particular team. We have a specialization in guiding executives through the special circumstances surrounding corporate or strategic change and crisis management.

Clients should expect the following:

  • The work we do is straight-forward, intense and only for those willing to have their ideas and practices challenged

  • Our work requires clients to be open to admitting that their current practices are not working

  • Clients must bring a high level of commitment to implementing change

  • Our programs are tailored to each client’s needs. All programs first identify practices that have not been effective to date. We then implement customized strategies for both individual and organizational success