Career Consulting & Strategy


Career Consulting & Strategy

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Want one-on-one time? Great! Got friends? Invite them to join you and everyone wins! Price per month can be shared by bringing up to 4 friends with you. 

Let us be your partner in creating a high performance career! We help clients bridge the gap between college and the workforce by helping them learn the skills that aren't necessarily gained in the classroom.

NOTE: Pricing is based on a 3 month commitment. $100 deposit is only for those wishing to invite friends to join them. 


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During the first 3 months learn:

  • about the challenges of today's professional
  • how to navigate the ever-changing workplace environment
  • to adjust your mentality. Stop being an employee and start being an Occupreneur®
  • why it's important to remove the word JOBS from your vocabulary
  • how to own your career and avoid it owning you
  • how to turn your boss into your best client