When It's Appropriate To Micromanage

In a recent meeting with a client, the subject of micromanaging employees’ work came up. Some tasks weren't getting done fast enough, so the client asked me if I thought he wasn’t doing enough to manage his employees and if it’s ever appropriate to micromanage.

As the ongoing conversation about the failures of managers to effectively lead employees often suggests, executives often micromanage their employees rather than lead them. However, in truth, there is a fine line between being a manager and being a micromanager. There is a time for managers to lead as well as a time for leaders to manage.

While there are executives who do in fact micromanage every move their employees make, I don’t believe that every manager who is hands-on is a micromanager. And I also can tell you that not every leader who is hands-off is an effective manager.

So how do you know where you fall?

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Posted on March 20, 2014 .