Stop Wasting Your Time Looking For A Job

The days of looking for a job are long gone. Truth is, if you’ve been chronically out of work or you believe that there are no jobs out there, it may not be the looking that's the problem. You're the problem. But the good news is, you're easy to fix. Modern day job hunting goes well beyond skills, education, experience and knowledge. Nowadays, companies are doing more with less. Therefore, potential hires have to stand out in a crowd. For you, the candidate, this means fulfilling a mission or purpose rather than thinking you're only looking for a job.

Scary, yes. Hard, no. Here are some tips for how to change your approach that will lead you to a real opportunity:

First, remove the word job from your vocabulary. Start thinking of your job hunt as a mission assignment. When you look back on your career years from now, what do you hope to have achieved? We're not talking just about the money you are making.  If you don’t know your mission or purpose, get in touch with your internal voice or tap into your intuition. Deep down you know what you’re meant to do.

Next, identify and understand your clientele. If you don't intend to start your own business, this doesn't exempt you from this step. Your potential employer is your potential client, so while networking or interviewing, make sure you ask a question like, “What is one of your pain points that filling this role will resolve?” Then make sure you convey why you are the right person to fill that role.

Finally, start looking for opportunities and stop looking for jobs. If you were your own boss how would you sell yourself differently than you do as a potential employee? Once you figure that out you must use that approach toward finding employment just as a business owner approach potential clients.

The only question left to ask is, do you want to continue to spin your wheels and endure endless frustration or do you want to take charge of your career and become the candidate employers can't refuse?


Posted on April 29, 2013 .