What Job Seekers Can Learn From The U.S. Marines

After getting swept up in a round of corporate layoffs, it's easy to succumb to the fear and uncertainty about what the future holds. And if you don't land an appropriate job in what you deem to be a reasonable amount of time, it's probable that you will reach a point where you become incredibly frustrated, feel hopelessly paralyzed and even start to give up.
Overall, this can be a miserable experience unless you are prepared with valuable tools for empowering yourself to pull through. Long-term job seekers can learn a lot can from the example set by our servicemen and women every day while fighting for our safety and freedom. A strong work ethic and the ability to triumph when faced with adversity are key in the armed forces--both for accomplishing the intended mission and for staying alive.
In my last job on Wall Street, I became familiar with a Marine Corps mantra often said by my former boss, who is a Marine Corps Reserve. He encouraged his team to...

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Posted on July 10, 2013 .