Why You Need to Always think Like the Boss, Even if You Aren’t One

Just because you don’t own the company you work for, doesn’t mean you apply an owner’s mentality to your work.

Thanks to The Great Recession and advancements in technology, the workforce is tighter and more competitive than ever before, and it’s not getting better anytime soon. Simply being good at your job is no longer enough to advance your career. In today’s workplace, companies expect everyone to do more with less, and this approach is here to stay. At first glance, this new expectation can be intimidating; however, taking a more pointed and deeper look will uncover a new age of possibilities for workers open to seeing them.

Most employees don’t take initiative and ownership of their careers, and instead take a passive approach by waiting around for direction and only doing what’s assigned and hinging their success on others’ decisions. What’s worse, most people don’t realize that owning their own career and seizing opportunities is very simple. With a few small changes in your approach, you can make a big impact on your career’s trajectory.

Realize that every problem or challenge offers at least one opportunity. If you live by these words...

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Posted on September 11, 2013 .