How to Protect Corporate Culture in a Telecommuting World

It may seem like good policy to let someone work from home, but, from a corporate-culture perspective, there’s something to be said for making employees schlep to the office.

Thanks to video conferencing and the ability to ‘remote in’ to one’s office computer, there has been a rise in work-from-home policies across industries. Many argue there is no need for many employees to work from a physical office location. Especially for employees who spend the majority of their days working solo, working from wherever they choose shouldn’t matter as long as they produce quality results.

But what's the impact on all-important company culture? It's not a simple answer, and corporate attitudes seem to change daily. As many companies continue to replace full-time staffers with freelancers and remote employees, others like Hewlett-Packard are reversing their work-from-home policies, saying such practices are greatly affecting culture and the ability to work through challenges through a team effort.

So if you are a business leader trying to decide how working from home might affect your corporate culture, ask yourself the following questions:

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Posted on October 17, 2013 .