How Letting Go and Connecting With Faith Saved My Business

Entrepreneurs are driven, ambitious, do-it-yourself overachievers. Relying on others to get done what we perceive as our job is not only counter-intuitive, it’s often damn difficult to do.

But sometimes we actually need to let go.

I’m not a religious person. While I appreciate my own faith, particularly the cultural and family aspects, I’m more spiritual than religious. I believe there is something—some force-- bigger than us that we have no control over. I also believe that force has some control over what happens to us. It’s a force that guides us and connects us all in some way.

Over the past few months, my faith and spirituality have been tested over and over, both in business and in my personal life. Until this week, I had been neglecting my faith and instead tirelessly tried to ‘manage’ through some challenging times on my own. Even as I write this, I’m struggling with it somewhat. This all got me thinking about how letting go and combining a strong sense of faith with deliberate action is the key to...

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Posted on July 29, 2014 .